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Bioresonance Health Scan

Bioresonance Health Scan

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*Upon purchasing the health scan, our team will contact you to arrange a suitable time and date for your appointment which will be done at the convenience of your own home!

Reculture’s comprehensive Bioresonance health scan gives you a clear glimpse into what happens within your body, and it covers your body’s ten systems:

  1. Circulatory system
  2. Respiratory system
  3. Neurological system
  4. Elimination system
  5. Digestive system
  6. Immune system
  7. Exocrine system
  8. Musculoskeletal system
  9. Endocrine system
  10. Reproductive system

This non-invasive scan uses your body’s electrical wave patterns to give you an accurate map of your internal systems and does not emit harmful radiation. It highlights areas in your body that may not be functioning the way they should be, and is performed by a licensed medical practitioner who will:

  • conduct the health scan  (at the comfort of your own home!)
  • analyse your results
  • address your concerns
  • design a suitable plan to maximise your health

A screening can provide you with information on:

  • stress and its impact on the health of your heart
  • your diet and its link to your gastrointestinal function
  • your liver’s health and if you’re consuming too much alcohol
  • your skin’s collagen, melanin and horniness index
  • whether you are taking enough vitamins and amino acids
  • the toxins and metals found in your systems

After the scan, you will be provided with

  • A detailed health report
  • A list of recommended supplements tailored for your optimal health
  • Suggestions for exercises and simple changes (if any) to maximize your health

To find out how you can best eat, exercise and live to ensure your wellness and youth, Reculture’s Bioresonance health scan is your first step forward.

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