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Get Started

Go through this quick guide to help you get started on one of our weight loss programmes.

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Set a realistic weight loss goal and other changes you would like to see at the end of the weight loss programme.

Being committed to the weight loss programme is key to attaining your weight loss goal. Consider how much time you would be able to set aside to see optimal results.

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After setting a goal and knowing the amount of time you will be able to commit to the programme, select one of our weight loss programmes that best meets your needs.

If you have a busy schedule or you would like to see if our programme suits you before embarking on a longer one, we recommend these weight loss-detox plans:

ReCulture 5 | Expected Weight Loss: 1 to 2kg

A detox programme that is great for anyone who wants to refresh and prepare themselves for a special occasion.

ReCulture 10 | Expected Weight Loss: 2 to 3kg

A more sustainable weight loss programme with a thorough body detox that allows for a better intake of nutrients into your system.

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Once you have decided on your preferred weight loss programme, you may place your order online. A guide with thorough details and instructions will be provided.

However, you may contact our team of wellness consultants at any time during the programme should you have any queries.

A wellness consultant will be assigned to those who sign up for ReCulture 21 and ReCulture 60 programme.

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Be nourished mentally, physically and emotionally. Reconnect with real foods and develop new lifestyle and eating habits for sustainable weight loss and a healthier you.

Through our holistic weight loss programmes, we hope to spread the power of intentional self-care and the importance of wellness in shaping lives.