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Effective and Integrated

Weight Management Programme

Combining well-balanced, low-calorie, oil-free meal prep and high-quality, independent- tested homeopathic drops formulated through extensive research by certified homeopaths in the United States, ReCulture provides a convenient, time-saving and safe environment for sustainable weight loss through effective detox to boost metabolism, improve digestion and reduce body fat. Healthy eating habits are also cultivated during the programme, making weight loss more sustainable.

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Fat-Burning ReCulture Drops

Working hand in hand with our carefully curated weight loss meals, our top-grade homeopathic drops will help you realise your weight loss goals and meet your detox plans. Made up of nanoparticles of plant extracts, ReCulture Drops play a vital role in initiating your body’s natural detoxification process and targeting body fat. Having undergone independent testing, our collection of premium homeopathic drops are safe to consume and do not contain any traces of heavy metals.

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Reconnect with real foods

Maintain Weight Loss

We only use fresh produce with a minimum amount of all-natural seasoning and spices to reset your tastebuds, allowing you to appreciate the unadulterated flavours of natural ingredients. Through our weight loss programmes, you will experience a full body rejuvenation, a reconnection with real unprocessed foods and a cultivation of healthy lifestyle and eating habits that are key to helping you maintain your weight loss in the long run.

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Convenient and Time-saving

Healthy Meal Prep Delivery

Each of our ready-to-heat, healthy, nutritious meals is made with whole foods which are meticulously weighed and portioned out by our professional kitchen team to ensure our meal prep follows the recommended number of calories and nutrients needed for you to achieve optimal results while you are on our integrated weight loss and detox programmes. Our meals come frozen so that you can enjoy them at your convenience, and only takes a few minutes to heat up.

*Our meal prep does not contain oil, gluten, dairy, processed sugars and refined carbohydrates.

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High Food Quality and Safety Standards

Using flash freeze technology, the nutritional value and natural flavours of our weight loss meals are preserved and have the same quality as a freshly made meal.

Our meal prep is done in a halal-certified kitchen with FSSC 22000 certification.