How Bioresonance Can Help in Weight Loss

How Bioresonance Can Help in Weight Loss



Obesity and being overweight has been acknowledged as one of the most significant health problems affecting humanity today. In Singapore itself, the percentage of obese individuals stands at 8.9% for those below 60 years old, and about 6.9% for those above this age.

Being overweight or obese can increase your chances of developing chronic diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, fatty liver and diabetes.

As such, achieving a healthy weight is imperative to leading a healthy lifestyle. ReCulture is committed to helping Singaporeans achieve their ideal weight through healthy diets, lifestyle changes, supplements, and other approaches.

One of the methods used at ReCulture is Bioresonance scanning. In this article, we’ll delve into how bioresonance can help in weight loss and how we’ve integrated it into our various programs to facilitate healthy lifestyle changes.


What is Bioresonance and How Does it Work?



Bioresonance is defined as electromagnetic wavelengths emitted by human cells and organs. It is used in complementary medicine for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. This means that it is used to both diagnose and treat illnesses.


How Bioresonance is Used in Diagnostics

Bioresonance is used in diagnostics to detect abnormal frequencies in the body caused by damaged DNA. During the diagnostic process, bioresonance electrodes are placed at predetermined sites on the body in a non-invasive manner. These electrodes are attached to a monitor, which will track the body’s electromagnetic wavelengths.

A trained practitioner will need to read and interpret the wavelength readings, and then explain the results to the patient.


How Bioresonance is Used in Therapy

As previously mentioned, when bioresonance is used as a diagnostic method, any wavelength measurements that fall outside the normal range indicate unhealthy organs, tissues or cells.

In therapy, bioresonance is used to restore the body’s electromagnetic wavelengths back to their natural l state. This helps cure the ailments affecting that particular body part and restores its vitality.

The underlying mechanics involve detecting the natural electromagnetic wavelengths of the body and amplifying them back via feedback loops. In doing so, wavelength imbalances are corrected and the body can begin healing. Alternatively, some therapies use corrective frequencies to counteract wavelength imbalances.

Today, there is promising evidence that suggests bioresonance complements the treatment strategies for many conditions. Researchers continue to explore its use and its efficacy for a growing number of ailments.


How Does Bioresonance Help in Weight Loss?



Here at ReCulture, we offer a Bioresonance Scan before the start of your meal programmes to understand the current health status of the ten systems in your body.

The following are ways a bioresonance scan can assist in your weight loss journey:


1. Detection of Systemic Problems Hindering Weight Loss

The Bioresonance scan is able to detect toxins and metals found in your system, as well as detecting any effects of stress on your organs. This allows us to take the corrective measures to detoxify and restore your body’s balance.

The optimal function of all your systems is crucial to ensure the success of your weight loss efforts. Therefore, early correction of your body’s systems is necessary.


2. Optimisation of The Metabolic System

The metabolic system is at the forefront of weight loss, since it is directly responsible for burning calories. A bioresonance scan will pinpoint any problems your metabolism may be facing.

A trained practitioner will then be able to recommend dietary and lifestyle modifications to optimise your metabolic system. An optimised metabolism will lead to more efficient calorie metabolisation and, subsequently, weight loss.


3. Elimination of Cravings and Appetite Issues

Nutritional deficiencies and hormone imbalances often lead to cravings and poor appetite control. Bioresonance scanning will be able to detect any nutritional deficiencies in your body, especially when it comes to vitamins and amino acids. Additionally, it is also able to detect imbalances in your hormonal systems.

Addressing these issues will help minimise cravings and allow you better appetite control, which in turn will make weight loss easier for you.


Final Thoughts

Bioresonance diagnostics is an important first step for weight loss. It may not directly affect your weight but it pinpoints crucial physical aspects that should be improved or corrected for weight loss to happen.

Here at ReCulture, Bioresonance helps us understand what further steps to take in order to achieve your weight loss goals. This includes recommending ideal lifestyle changes and healthy meal plans. Call us or drop us a message on our live chat to learn more about our Bioresonance scan.

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