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20 Days Revive

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*Kindly note: This programme will be delivered in 2 deliveries - Select your 1st delivery slot upon checkout and our team will contact you for the 2nd delivery slot.

Reset your metabolic rate effectively with our 20 Days Revive programme.

Tired of your poor eating habits?

Feeling like your metabolic rate is slowing down?

The 20 Days Revive programme is an extension of our 10 Days Reboot, for those who want to push themselves further but can’t quite commit to our signature 60 Days Rejuvenate. 

In these 20 Days, expect your body to undergo an extensive detoxification, experience a boost in your metabolism and encounter a shift in the way you view food - for the better of course. 

This 20-day Revive includes:

1) 40 meals – that’s 20 days’ worth of lunches and dinners!

Developed to meet your body’s specific needs during your Revive, these meals are:

  • Dense in nutrition
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Delivered to you

Best part of it all? You don’t have to worry about cooking! Staying on the programme is hassle-free.

*For more information on the ingredients of each meal and which meals are included in each programme, please visit here

2) 17 days worth of our practitioner-grade Reculture drops which include:

a. Our Signature Activate Kit containing 2 bottles - Amino Acid drops and Cell Circulation drops. 

  • Helps relieve symptoms often associated with weight loss like hunger, low energy, stress, fatigue, and mood swings
  • Assists metabolism
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces the accumulation of abdominal fats
  • Stabilises hormonal imbalances

b. A bottle of Detox drops

  • A simplified version of our Detox Kit (only included in our Rejuvenate Programme)
  • Triggers a mini detoxification process to complement the effects of the Activate Kit + Oil-free meals

3) Our detailed and comprehensive Revive guidebook which includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to consume the drops, as well as the time intervals between the drops and meals 
  • A list of foods which are permissible for breakfasts and snacks
  • Tips on eating mindfully 
  • An additional maintenance plan which comes with recipes and guidelines to ensure you sustain your progress
  • Recommendations for the best types of food to fuel your body

    Are you ready to Revive your entire system?


    Delivery Schedule

    Tuesday & Thursday | 5:30 - 10pm
    Saturday | 8:30am - 1pm

    *Do note that it will be a one-time delivery for 5-day Reset, 10-day Reboot and Maintenance Meal Pack.


    1. You should always consult your doctor before making any changes to your health regime - including starting on any Reculture programme or products. T&Cs apply*

    2. Reculture meals are packed in disposable food grade containers.

    3. Images are representations and may not actually reflect the actual meal as it may vary from packaging to display.

    4. Reculture reserves the right to replace ingredients should there be any supply shortages which may arise due to unforeseen circumstances.

    5. Meals provided are subject to availability. Those that are not available will be replaced with other similar meals.