Our weight loss detox programmes aim to give your body’s entire system a good break from the onslaught of processed food and unhealthy drinks ubiquitous in our face-paced lives. By allowing the right portion of nutritious whole foods into your body, it will digest, recalibrate and heal better and at a much faster rate. ReCulture's carefully curated meal prep includes unprocessed foods that are rich in anti-oxidants and essential nutrients for optimal health.

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Oil-free Meal Prep

Our ready-to-heat meal prep comes oil-free and meals are capped at 800 calories a day to force the hypothalamus to mobilise or prepare the body's fat reserves to be used as an energy source as soon as ReCulture Drops are incorporated into your weight loss diet.

With no added oil or fats in your body's system, ReCulture's specially formulated homeopathic drops, which are made to detect fats to burn, will target the body's fat reserves instead.

If food with oil or fats is consumed, the homeopathic drops will burn these new sources of fat present in your body instead of your body fat reserves, hampering your weight loss goals.  

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Meal Prep with One Protein

Instead of a protein-rich diet which could overtax your body, our meal prep is well-balanced and contains the right amount of protein you will need to consume. We stick to one type of protein in our meal prep as research has shown that meat proteins have differing compositions which our digestive systems react to differently. Keeping to one type of protein will enable you to digest your meal more easily, allow you to appreciate and become more mindful of the taste of each type of meat, and will prevent bloating. 

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Meal Prep with Real Foods

We only use fresh produce with a minimal amount of all-natural seasoning and spices to reset your tastebuds, allowing you to appreciate the unadulterated flavours of natural ingredients. Through our weight loss programmes, you will develop a reconnection with unprocessed foods, be more mindful of what you eat, and adopt healthy lifestyle and eating habits that are key to maintaining your weight loss in the long run.

*Our meal prep is free from gluten, dairy, processed sugars and refined carbohydrates.

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Convenient, High Quality Meals

We use flash freeze technology to preserve the nutritional value and natural flavours of our low calorie meals so that they have the same quality as a freshly made meal.

Our ready-to-heat meals are conveniently delivered to your doorstep and they only take minutes to reheat. You'll be enjoying your mealtime in no time!

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Our meal prep is now available for purchase separately from our weight loss programmes.