Our Reculture Drops

Reculture’s detox drops aims to stimulate the body’s own detoxification process. The drops are safe and gentle, and only contain nano-particles of the substance they are made from.

Reculture’s Detox Kit & The Activate Kit are developed by a licensed manufacturer in the US who has spent hours in consultation with actual clients who were on early detox and weight loss programmes. Drawing on their concerns, struggles and discomfort experienced, two main protocols were developed — Activate and Detox — to directly address these issues.

Reculture drops have been independently tested for heavy metals such as Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, & Mercury. As well as Microbial count.

  • Activate Kit

    All three of our programmes use the Activate Kit, which includes:
    1. Amino Acid drops
    2. Cell Circulation drops

    These drops are specifically designed to help you lose weight by activating the fat deposits stored in your shoulders, upper arms, hips, thighs, back, belly, and buttocks. As fat is metabolised, toxins stored in them are also released into your bloodstream, which the detox drops helps clear out of your system.

    Besides tapping into your fat deposits, the Activate Kit also revs up your base metabolism and helps your hypothalamus* establish its natural functions and release the necessary hormones your body needs to regulate its appetite.  

    Another way the Activate Kit supports your wellness journey is in temporarily alleviating any symptoms you might have, like increased appetite, headaches and fatigue that your body may experience as you detox.

    *The hypothalamus is a kick-ass gland that resides in our brain, but which is responsible for producing hormones that regulate our metabolism, hunger, thirst, immune system, body temperature, blood pressure, sleep patterns and response to stress.

  • Detox Kit

    Our signature 60-Day Rejuvenate Programme includes the Detox Kit, which includes:
    1. Neuro Detox
    2. Spinal Detox
    3. Matrix Detox
    4. Detox One (Targets digestive system)
    5. Detox Two (Targets urinary system) 
    6. Detox Three (Targets immune & lymphatic systems)

    Did you know that the body's non-essential fat reserves serve as a depository for toxic substances? Heavy metals and other toxins are encapsulated in the fat to remove them from circulation. Without proper support, the body's elimination system will be overwhelmed by the increased flow of toxins!

    Our Rejuvenate Programme includes a complete detoxification protocol to support the body in the elimination of all toxins and is designed to optimise all major organ functions and symptoms. This process activated by the Detox Kit is complementary to our Cleansing Kit to achieve optimal results!

    For clients who want to embark on our Reset and Reboot programmes, we also provide a bottle of Body Detox Drops alongside the Activate Kit which is a rather simplified version of the Detox Kit