Improving Wellbeing with Healthy Meal Plans

Improving Wellbeing with Healthy Meal Plans

ReCulture has been committed to inspiring, encouraging and supporting individuals in their path towards overall wellness. Through the use of efficient health plans, improved diet structures, and well-researched supplements, we have helped people carve a better path towards a healthier life.

Our quest and our progress are reflected in our programmes: ReCulture 5, ReCulture 10ReCulture 21 and ReCulture 60 – with each meticulously planned and designed for different needs, preferences, and lifestyles.

Each of the various programmes comes with different healthy meal plans depending on your preference, from assorted menus, to seafood-only options and more.


ReCulture 5



Feeling sluggish, dull, or an overwhelming sense of apathy? If so, the ReCulture 5 is for you. This programme consists of 5 days of lunches and dinners designed to rev up your metabolism.

Each of the foods within this programme is dense in nutrition and rich in antioxidants — both of which are essential for your body to operate in peak form.

In addition to a meticulously crafted meal plan, the programme includes a comprehensive guidebook with instructions on foods to eat, meal maintenance plans and other dietary tips.


ReCulture 10



After months of bad food choices, finding the motivation to stick to a diet can be difficult.

The ReCulture 10 was designed to optimise the body’s detoxification system and re-energise metabolism while also helping develop a renewed appreciation for food.

It differs slightly from the ReCulture 5 programme, with 20 healthy meals (10 days of lunches and dinners) instead of 10: but it also consists of a guidebook to help you stay on track with your diet.


ReCulture 21



The ReCulture 21 is an extension of the ReCulture 10 and is meant to reset your metabolic rate while helping eliminate poor eating habits. With this programme, you’ll be able to enjoy 42 healthy meals delivered to your doorstep.

Patrons will be able to choose from three different menus, namely the Standard (with assorted items), a seafood only special, or a prawn-free special.

As part of the programme, you’ll also receive three bottles of our ReCulture Drops, namely the Amino Acid, Cell Circulation and Detox drops. These drops will supplement the healthy meals that you’ll receive, helping you burn fat more efficiently, improving your mood and elevating your base metabolism.


ReCulture 60 



The ReCulture 60 offers a more focused approach to weight loss and metabolic rate reset. ReCulture Life guides you through a complete mental, physical, and emotional journey with benefits to your health and approach to food that will last long even after 60 days.

It begins with a comprehensive health scan from one of our certified practitioners encompassing all of the body’s 10 systems, with recommended supplements as well as suggestions for exercise.

Apart from this, the programme comes with 48 protein meals: 24 servings of birds’ nest collagen protein powder for breakfast and 24 servings of vegetable broth which can be taken with breakfast or as a healthy midday snack.

Beyond the meals and dietary supplements, a dedicated wellness coach will be assigned to help you manage your food intake and keep you on track for the duration of the 60-day programme.


Final Thoughts

Change can be unsettling, disorienting and daunting, but as the saying goes, “healthy body, healthy mind”. This is why we’ve designed each of our programmes to lower the barriers that impede a healthy lifestyle. Sign up today and welcome change that is both powerful but also sustainable.

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