Is this a weight-loss programme?
Our aim at Reculture is to get everyone eating better and feeling great. Our programmes are focused on detoxing and resetting the body’s many systems. Weight loss may (and usually does) occur.


Which programme would you recommend for a newbie?
If this is your first time, welcome! All our programmes are suitable for people doing their detox for the first time, but we do have some questions that can help you pick the best programme for your goals:

  • What do you hope to achieve with this detox?
    If you want a lifestyle change to address long-term issues, a longer programme is recommended.
  • How much time can you commit to this programme?
    During the programme, you will only be allowed to consume the meals provided by Reculture. It is therefore advisable to be free from any lunch/dinner plans during that period.
  • Do you have motivation and a determined mindset?
    For an effective detox, you need to be disciplined enough to abstain from fried foods, alcohol and other items not on our recommended list. If unsure of your confidence level, you can start off with our ReCulture 5 to test the waters first. We have many first-time clients who began with the ReCulture 5 and chose to extend to a longer programme once they experienced positive results.


Are your programmes halal certified?
Our programmes are currently not halal certified. However, they don’t contain any pork nor are they cooked near pork, as pork is not part of the programme.


Do you have a vegetarian or vegan menu?
We do not have a vegetarian or vegan menu, but we are currently working hard to offer them in the near future.


Can we choose not to have red meats for our meals?
The Reculture programmes use mostly white lean proteins like chicken breast, prawns and white fish. We do not include any red meats like beef or lamb.


Is caffeine allowed on the programme?
Yes! What would life be without our morning java? Coffee and tea are allowed during the programme, but you cannot add sugar, condensed milk, evaporated milk or creamer.

In other words, drink your coffee and tea plain.

Do pay attention to how much caffeine you’re drinking. Too much caffeine can deplete essential vitamins and minerals. If you’re feeling sluggish, drink some water, as that’s usually our body’s way of telling us we’re dehydrated. Having a good night’s rest during the programme is also necessary as your body is working hard to detox.


How do your programmes trigger a detox?
A detox gives your entire system rest from the constant onslaught of food and drinks. It does this by allowing only a small amount of healthy food to be processed in your body and your hypothalamus at any given time. This detox allows your body to clear itself of the chemical build-up that could be preventing weight loss and re-establishes the natural functioning and hormone release of the hypothalamus.


Can I exercise while on the programme?
You should continue incorporating movement and gentle stretches while on the programme, but we advise against any strenuous activity.

While on an 800-calorie programme, you may not have sufficient energy for your workouts. Continuing to do so may lead to over-exertion, carelessness in form due to exhaustion or an increased temptation post-workout to eat.


Why will I gain weight during the programme when I eat normally?
The Reculture programmes are designed such that you need to continue with another 3 days of oil-free meals after you have stopped taking the homeopathic drops. The drops usually stay in your system for a further three days. Keeping to the protocol during this period ensures that your body has time to process the drops completely out of your system before you start consuming meals with more carbohydrates and fats.


Why should I not consume sugar and refined carbs especially during the programme?
Your body has two fuel sources for its daily metabolic functions. The first is carbohydrates, which your body converts into glycogen and stores in your liver for easy access later. It is only after these stores are depleted does your body turn to the fat stores.

This is one major reason why our meals exclude refined carbohydrates. The only source of carbohydrates come from whole foods like vegetables and fruits that are permissible under our protocols. This “forces”  your body to switch to burning your non-essential fat stores for fuel as there would not be sufficient glycogen in your liver.


Why do your programmes only allow 800 calories to be consumed a day?
Our programmes are specially designed to cause your hypothalamus to mobilize non-essential fats out of your fat stores, making them available for use. Although you consume 800 calories daily, your hypothalamus continuously releases fat stored in your body, which is more than sufficient for healthy functions.

Any extra consumption of calories can halt the release of fat stores in your body, stopping detoxification.


Why is the caloric budget the same for both genders? Why are the meal portions the same size even though the weight of the individuals differs?
We’ve done our research and discovered that for the body to detoxify and experience optimal results, daily calories have to be capped at 800 calories. This caloric restriction is regardless of gender and body weight. Meals also have to be oil-free to complement our homeopathic drops.


Why is your programme so expensive?
A lot of R&D has gone into developing and creating our three programmes, the oil-free meals and the practitioner-grade homeopathic drops. Every element of the programme works in synergy and complements the other to provide the most significant relief for our clients during the detox while achieving the speediest results.

We import our homeopathic drops directly from the USA so shipping and import taxes are included in our programme’s prices. The preparation of oil-free meals is also labour intensive as the ingredients have to sourced, measured, and cooked within restrictive guidelines.

Making our three programmes work efficiently for you means that there is also a team of people working behind the scenes to ensure you do not have to consider any other factors other than following the programme.


Can I pick and choose the meals I want?
The standard meals are curated to meet the nutritional needs of every person on a detox. They include a purposeful mix of chicken, prawns and fish as proteins and a wide range of vegetables. However, if you'd like, you can choose to opt for seafood only or no prawns in your meals.


What if I have allergies or religious restrictions?
Do take a look at our menu and let us know your allergies or religious requirements. You will need to contact us directly for such arrangements, so that we can try our best to tailor the meals for you. Kindly do so before making any purchases. 


Do your meals contain any dairy or gluten?
Our oil-free meals are free from gluten, dairy, processed sugars and refined carbohydrates.


Can I continue taking my supplements during the programme?
You’re encouraged to stop all supplements during the programme as they might contain sugar, carbohydrates, oil or other additives that might affect your detox.


What are your homeopathic drops for and what’s in them?
Homeopathic drops are highly diluted amounts of natural substances extracted from plants and minerals. It is a safe and natural medical alternative practice that stimulates the natural ability of our body to heal itself.

At Reculture, our homeopathic drops are harnessed to metabolise fats and improve our moods throughout the programme.


How do your homeopathic drops help to unlock our non-essential fat stores?
The homeopathic detox drops are specifically designed to help your body tap into your non-essential/stubborn fat deposits most often found in the shoulders, upper arms, hips, thighs, back, belly, and buttocks. The drops help release these fats into the bloodstream and out of the body. They also aim to positively affect your hypothalamus and your base metabolism.


How are the meals packed?
All Reculture meals are prepared, individually packed and blast-frozen in our kitchens to retain maximum freshness. Extremely rapid freezing preserves our food at a higher quality with minimum damage and keeps them safe from contamination. Once frozen, these frozen meals can be moved to normal freezers for long-term storage.


How will we receive the meals?
A courier will send you your frozen meals in a freezer bag on your agreed delivery date. Once you’ve received them, you should store the meals in a freezer immediately and only take them out when you’re ready for your meal.

Do note that meals will be delivered all at once for ReCulture 5 and ReCulture 10. 


Do you deliver to Malaysia?
We currently do not deliver outside of Singapore. However, we are working hard to bring Reculture’s products and services to the neighbouring countries in the near future! Do stay connected with us for more updates.


Can we do the programme during our menstrual cycle?
Yes! It’s perfectly fine to do so. However, if you suffer bad symptoms like erratic mood swings, extremely tender breasts, intense food cravings, fatigue, irritability and depression, we recommend starting the programme right after these symptoms ease off as it might be easier for you to stay on the programme then.


I tend to have gastric and acid reflux. Are your programmes suitable for me?The programmes may not be suitable for people with the above-mentioned health issues as the daily caloric intake is set at 800 calories. The meal portions are small, and all protein is weighed at 100gm before cooking. Our meals are also free of oil and the food guidelines can be quite restrictive. In addition, most of our meals contain tomatoes, which may aggravate gastric and reflux issues as tomatoes can be acidic.

We highly encourage clients with underlying health issues to seek their doctors’ advice before embarking on any of our programmes.


I have some health conditions and am taking multiple medications for them. Are Reculture’s programme safe for me?
We highly encourage clients with underlying health issues to seek their doctors’ advice before embarking on any of our programmes.


Can your programmes help lower cholesterol, improve eczema, diabetes and other health issues I currently have?
Although our clients have seen improvements in their health conditions after embarking on our programmes, we cannot guarantee that everyone will experience the same results. We also cannot guarantee how quickly you may see such improvements as everyone’s condition is different. Our bodies are very unique, and will respond differently to the same plans.

Again, we highly encourage clients with underlying health issues to seek their doctors’ advice before embarking on any of our programmes.


Will there be someone to guide and check on me every day?
We provide personal coaches for our ReCulture 60 programme as there is a lot to navigate on a programme of that duration. Our coaches are there to encourage and answer any question you might have — from navigating eating in social situations to what to cook for dinner.

For those on the ReCulture 5 and ReCulture 10, you will receive a detailed guidebook that tells you what to do each day. Our customer service team is also on standby to support you and answer any queries you may have.


Can I go back to my regular eating habits after the program, or is there a guideline that I should follow?
After the programme, you may return to eating as you usually do, but be mindful that moderation is vital. Some people might need to “binge” or “reward” themselves after finishing a detox. Still, it’s good to remember that you’ve just cleaned out your systems. You wouldn’t purposefully dirty a clean tee-shirt you’ve just washed, would you? Likewise, don’t seek out the “bad foods” after the programme. Instead, focus on enjoying wholesome, colourful food at mealtimes.

You do not need to maintain the programme’s restrictive diet but do continue to cut down on refined carbohydrates, sugar and processed foods as these will help you maintain your weight and improve your overall health.

We hope we have clarified most of your doubts. Still have questions?