The Surprising Link Between Detox Programs and Sexual Health

The Surprising Link Between Detox Programs and Sexual Health

Sexual health can be a slightly embarrassing topic, especially in a conservative society like Singapore. However, it is a crucial part of wellbeing, and can affect your everyday life and relationships. A recent study involving Singaporean women found that up to 60% suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction. 

Although libido and sexual drive are often the main concern, sexual wellbeing covers a wide range of areas beyond that. It also delves into issues like reproductive health and fertility, sexual education and knowledge, all of which are essential to healthy and fulfilling sexual experiences. 

Scientists are increasingly exploring the links between diet and sexual health. Whilst some cases of sexual dysfunction may be attributed to psychological and societal issues, the role of food cannot be discounted.

How Eating Habits Influence Sexual Wellbeing 

Studies have found that sexual health is adversely affected by obesity and eating disorders. Being overweight or underweight can affect how your sexual organs function, putting a damper on your sex life, menstrual cycles and fertility.

A review done in 2021 explored the role of food as a treatment approach to sexual health issues like polycystic ovary syndrome, fibroids, endometriosis and low sexual drive. Among the diets that showed promise was the Mediterranean diet, which is a plant based and supplemented with healthy oils.

Unsurprisingly, the paper also stated that vegetarian diets low on processed foods contributed to better energy, lower tension, anger, anxiety and depression. This led to the diet being suggested as a supplementary treatment for those suffering from low sexual moods and sexual dysfunction. 

On the other hand, a Western diet full of processed foods, refined carbohydrates, salt and saturated fats contributed to higher body mass index (BMI) and cardiovascular syndromes. This in turn adversely affected sexual fitness.

Detoxing for Sexual Health

A detox diet is one that provides you with wholesome foods, omitting refined carbohydrates, preservatives and other unhealthy substances found in processed foods. Detoxing frees your body from having to process environmental toxins, so that it can be optimised to focus on your reproductive and hormonal systems. 

Here are some diet practices you can adopt to enhance your sexual wellbeing:

Eat Salmon 

Salmon is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which prevent the buildup of plaque in your arteries. This in turn helps prevent cardiovascular issues and enhance blood circulation. 

Circulation is important in sexual health as it keeps the sexual organs healthy and functioning optimally. Additionally, it helps prevent diseases that damage sexual function and hormonal imbalances.

Munch on Nuts and Seeds

Another source of Omega-3s is nuts and seeds. You don’t need to spend a fortune on them, as any local ‘kacang’ available in Singapore will suffice. The next time you have a craving for a snack, go for some peanuts, cashews, sunflower or melon seeds. 

Just like salmon, these will help keep your heart and circulatory system functioning well, minimising risk of diseases which may affect your sexual health. 

Have Fruits Rich in Flavonoids

red apple fruit

Flavonoids are compounds, mainly found in fruits, that act as antioxidants, beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) and prostatitis, as well as improving circulation. 

One type of flavonoid, called quercetin, has been proven to help lower blood pressure at a dose of 500mg per day. Lowered blood pressure, in turn, can improve ED as circulation is improved and blood vessels can heal. 

Apples, citrus fruits and grapes are some examples of fruits containing high amounts of flavonoids. You can start incorporating them into your diet at a rate of one serving per day. 

Incorporate High Protein Foods

Proteins are broken down into amino acids in your body. These amino acids are the building blocks for sexual hormones, and play a part in regulating your reproductive organs. 

Additionally, they also help manage your circulatory system. An improved blood flow contributes significantly to enhancing sexual experiences. One type of amino acid supplement, called Arginine, has been shown to remedy ED effectively. 

Be sure to source your proteins from healthy, low cholesterol and low fat sources. This includes white meat like chicken and fish, as well as dairy like milk, cheese and yoghurt. 

Final Thoughts

As with all detox programs, the principal is to eliminate highly refined or processed foods and eat clean, whole foods. Detoxing should be combined with a healthy lifestyle and regular consultations with trained health personnels to effect positive outcomes in sexual health. 

ReCulture’s wellness programmes can help guide you to eat healthier with less processed foods and fats, as well as provide dietary supplements to help in detoxification. For a more comprehensive experience covering areas like health scans, exercise recommendations and lifestyle changes, you can consider our ReCulture 60 programme. Contact us today and get started on your detoxification journey.

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