ReCulture 60: A Modern Twist to Slimming Programs in Singapore

ReCulture 60: A Modern Twist to Slimming Programs in Singapore

The Obesity Policy Engagement Network of Singapore (OPEN) has stated that 10.5% of adult Singaporeans lived with obesity in 2020. This number is a marked increase from 8.6% of adults in 2017 and is projected to increase in the years to come. 

We are therefore encouraged to explore healthier lifestyle options, including endeavouring to maintain a healthy weight. This, however, is easier said than done. 

There have been many modern diets and slimming programs in Singapore that promise to help you in your wellness efforts, but they may not include strategies to help you keep the weight off. 

The ReCulture 60 Programme is spread out over 60 days, and provides modern approaches to help you achieve your desired weight, and maintain that weight in the long term. Here’s how the programme employs modern, scientifically backed strategies to slimming:

A Bioresonance Health Scan

ReCulture’s certified practitioners will perform a comprehensive Bioresonance health scan before you start the programme to understand your body better. This will include scans of your immune system, digestive system, circulatory system, respiratory system, and neurological systems, among others. 

The results of the scan will be interpreted by our practitioners, and the information will be used to recommend supplements that can help you in your slimming efforts, as well as any challenges you may face in your weight loss journey (with recommendations on how to overcome them)

Additionally, this scan will also help identify effective exercises to adopt. Different workouts target different parts of your body and systems, therefore adopting the right exercise will help you achieve the most effective fat burning outcome. In effect, we’ll help tailor the programme to meet your specific and unique physical needs. 

Ready to Heat, Pre-Portioned Wholesome Meals Delivered to You

The ReCulture 60 programme is wholesome and convenient. You’ll be able to choose from standard meals featuring a mix of chicken and seafood, seafood only meals, or prawn-free meals

It also takes into account the fact that the modern person lives a busy life, which makes it difficult to cook healthy meals. Therefore, we take the effort to prepare and deliver 48 meals to your doorstep, covering breakfast, lunch and dinner for 24 days. 

These freshly prepared meals also include 24 portions of bird’s nest collagen for breakfast, and 24 servings of vegetable broth which can be consumed whenever you please. 

Our meals are designed to supply you with 800 calories per day, creating a calorie deficit and therefore allowing your body to consume stored fats as calories.

ReCulture Drops

At ReCulture, we acknowledge the role of supplements in aiding weight loss. Therefore, we provide three different ReCulture drops to go with your programme. These include the Detox Kit, and the Activate Kit. 

Our ReCulture Drops are natural and sustainable, extracted from plant and mineral sources and based on modern scientific research.

These supplements are meant to optimise organ and system functions in your body, so that you’ll be able to burn fat effectively, especially stubborn fat stores. Additionally, with the help of these ReCulture Drops, you’ll be able to detox and feel more energetic, contributing to your motivation to stick to the programme. 

A Detailed Guide and Personal Wellness Consultant

Following a slimming programme on your own, without adequate information, can be daunting. At ReCulture, we aim to provide comprehensive support; we provide a detailed guide covering essential programme information. This guide covers protocols on how to consume our ReCulture Drops and how to eat mindfully.

In addition to that, we also provide recipes and recommendations for meals so that you can continue cultivating good eating habits beyond the programme. You will also be given a journal where you can keep abreast of your progress and receive daily updates on your physical condition.

If all these seem overwhelming, you can count on the help and guidance of a wellness consultant who will be assigned to you. Apart from providing answers to your questions, our consultants will also be a listening ear should you need someone to confide in. 

The presence of our wellness consultants will help ease your mind, and function as a form of external motivation for you to press on in the programme. 

Final Thoughts

A sustainable and modern weight loss program is one that can support you in the long term, and help you maintain your ideal health goals. ReCulture’s programmes are tailored for different goals, and ReCulture 60 is more comprehensive, addressing several aspects of wellbeing from resetting your metabolic rates to introducing improved lifestyle practices. 

Contact us to learn how our wellness programmes can help unlock a healthier, happier you. 

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