Our ReCulture Drops

The ReCulture's drops play a vital role in initiating your body's natural detoxification process. These drops are both safe and gentle, composed of nano-particles of the active substance.

Our Detox Kit and Activate Kit have been meticulously developed by a licensed manufacturer in the US, who dedicated hours consulting with real clients undergoing early detox and weight loss programmes. Drawing from the experiences, concerns, and challenges faced by these clients, two key protocols were devised: Activate and Detox, aimed at directly addressing these issues.

Furthermore, the ReCulture drops have undergone independent testing for heavy metals such as Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury, as well as microbial count.

  • Activate Kit

    All our programmes feature the Activate Kit, which includes:
    1. Flowgo drops
    2. Lyponet drops

    These drops are specially formulated to facilitate weight loss by triggering the metabolism of fat deposits stored in areas like your shoulders, upper arms, hips, thighs, back, belly, and buttocks. As your body metabolizes these fat stores, toxins are released into your bloodstream, and the detox drops are there to assist in purging them from your system.

    Moreover, the Activate Kit enhances your basal metabolism and aids your hypothalamus in re-establishing its natural functions, allowing it to release the necessary hormones regulating your appetite. Additionally, it provides temporary relief for any symptoms you might encounter during detox, such as increased appetite, headaches, and fatigue.

    For those not familiar, the hypothalamus is a remarkable gland situated in our brain, responsible for producing hormones that regulate metabolism, hunger, thirst, the immune system, body temperature, blood pressure, sleep patterns, and responses to stress.

  • Detox Kit

    Our signature ReCulture 60 programme comes equipped with the Detox Kit, which includes:

    1. Neurmony drops
    2. Enpointe drops
    3. Intergral drops
    4. Desolva drops
    5. Fluiday drops
    6. Purefy drops

    Did you know that the body's non-essential fat reserves can serve as a depository for toxic substances? Heavy metals and other toxins are encapsulated in the fat. Without proper support, the body's elimination system will be overwhelmed by the increased flow of toxins!

    Our ReCulture 60 programme includes a comprehensive detoxification protocol to aid the body in eliminating all toxins and optimize the functioning of major organs and symptoms. This process, activated by the Detox Kit, complements the Activate Kit to achieve the most optimal results.

    For those embarking on our ReCulture 5, ReCulture 10, and ReCulture 21 programmes, we also provide a bottle of Bioverse Drops alongside the Activate Kit, offering a simplified version of the Detox Kit.