4 Ways a Detox Diet Can Help with Weight Loss

4 Ways a Detox Diet Can Help with Weight Loss

In recent years, detox diets have emerged as a method to promote weight loss, improve energy levels and, of course, to eliminate harmful toxins in the body.

While a detox diet can take on many forms, the most common approach is to adopt a low calorie diet, rich in fruits and vegetables while avoiding processed foods and refined carbohydrates.


How do Detox Diets Work at ReCulture

At ReCulture, our programmes focus on providing meals that are free of refined carbs, excess salts, oils, fats, gluten, MSG, dairy and preservatives. All our meals are made from natural ingredients and cooked with strict guidelines.

We’ve taken steps to ensure that all the meals delivered to you through our programmes will not exceed 800 calories a day, to be further supplemented by our ReCulture drops. These drops ensure your body gets adequate nutrition, while helping reset the different systems in your body to their optimal level.

The limited amount of calories for your daily meals causes your hypothalamus (an organ in the brain which regulates bodily systems) to release stored fats in fat cells, subsequently releasing any trapped toxins within your body. This, coupled with the absence of new toxins from unhealthy, processed foods, allows your body to undergo detoxification so that you feel healthier and more energised.


How Does Our Detox Diet Help with Weight Loss?



ReCulture’s healthy meal programmes are primarily designed to help with detoxification, so that your body feels and functions better. However, it also has several other health benefits, and one of them is weight loss.

Here are 5 ways our detox diet can help with weight loss:


Creating a Calorie Deficit

The average adult woman typically requires around 2000 calories daily while men need approximately 2500 calories. These calories will be used for various physical activities, and to provide energy for the different systems in the body.

However, ReCulture’s meals provide about 800 calories per day. This creates a calorie deficit, causing the body to release stored fats from fat cells. These fats will be metabolised to produce the calories needed to give your body the energy it needs to function.

The more fats your body releases, the fewer you'll have stored, leading to weight loss that will show on the weighing scale.


Optimising Your Base Metabolism

In our bodies, the metabolic system is responsible for extracting energy from the foods we eat or from fat storage (if energy from consumed foods is insufficient). When you adopt a detox diet, your body benefits from reduced exposure to processed foods, toxins and free radicals, enabling metabolic systems to utilise calories more efficiently.

An improved metabolism will also translate into more efficient calorie burning during exercise. Consequently, any fitness workouts you choose to help you lose weight will yield more effective results.


Restoring Your Hypothalamus

The hypothalamus is a portion of the brain that is responsible for homeostasis, which is essentially, a process that involves keeping the body in a state of balance necessary for survival and in optimal function. It controls many aspects of your being, such as body temperature, pH (acid-base balance) and more.

The hypothalamus is also responsible for controlling the release of non-essential fat deposits and managing appetite, among other roles. A poorly functioning hypothalamus can cause you to feel unnecessary hunger pangs, which, in turn, causes you to eat more, leading to weight gain.

With a detox diet, you can cleanse your body of any chemical buildup and help your hypothalamus better achieve its intended role. This will lead to better control of the hormones related to hunger, enabling improved management over your food consumption.

Additionally, a healthy hypothalamus will allow your body to tap into stubborn fat deposits more efficiently, leading to a decrease in fat deposits.


Helping You Feel Better

ReCulture's detox diets are crafted to help you cultivate better eating habits and improve overall well-being. This leads to improved sleep quality and increased motivation for physical activities.

Increased physical activity and quality sleep have proven beneficial in facilitating weight loss, influencing everything from hormone balance to stress reduction.


Final Thoughts

A detox diet’s main purpose may not be weight loss. However, as it cleanses your systems, they undergo a reset and are optimised to function at their best. A well-functioning and healthier body will no doubt bring numerous benefits, one of them being weight loss.

Reach out to us if you’re interested to learn more about ReCulture meal plans and how they can help you lead a healthier and better life. Email us or call us today and we will gladly answer any queries you may have.

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