Our Oil-Free Meals

All our programmes aim to give your body’s entire system a good break from the onslaught of processed food and unhealthy drinks so ubiquitous in our face-paced lives. By allowing only a small amount of simple, healthy food into your body, your body can focus on what it needs to do: digest, recalibrate and heal. 

Eating only oil-free meals (which we provide on our programmes!) and keeping to 800 calories a day forces your hypothalamus to mobilize the fat out of all fat storage locations for use. It also complements the homeopathic drops and causes both to work optimally.

Reculture’s homeopathic drops target your stored fats, which are not easily tapped into unless you’re under duress (and no, skipping one meal does not count as a threat). Upon mobilising your stored fats,  you will have metabolized fat floating around in your system, ready to be used as needed by your body.

Introducing any oils from new meals will interrupt this “accessing-the-difficult-to-burn-stored-fat” process and cause your body to focus on the new fats because, quite frankly, it’s easier to metabolise the new fats.

So in a nutshell? No oil in all your meals while on the programme!

What about proteins then? Surely proteins are good for our bodies?

You’re right. Proteins are good. But remember, we want to give our over-taxed bodies a break from months (and years) of fried, processed, heavy meals, rich desserts and alcoholic binges.

Research has shown that meat proteins have different compositions and thus tax our digestive systems differently. Keeping to one type of protein does several things:
1. We digest our meal more easily
2. We are more mindful of each meat we eat
3. Our bodies may have less issues with bloating

Eating oil-free, single-protein meals will help you grow more aware of the different tastes, textures and aromas of your meals. And this will, in turn, lead to a new relationship with the food you eat.