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We are not a diet plan. We are your welcome intervention.

ReCulture is the reset button you wanted.

We love the feeling of detox. Eating clean and giving our bodies a break from sugar, diary, gluten, alcohol or anything fried.

ReCulture helps you with a full body reset to get started on eating wholesome and real food. Our combination of supplements and curated meals gets you on the right track. 

Yes, that’s right.

ReCulture Oil-Free Meals.

Our oil-free meals are a part of ReCulture's programme package and a pre-selected combination of these meals will be delivered frozen to you.

5 Days ReSet - 10 meals of lunch and dinner

10 Days ReBoot - 20 meals of lunch and dinner

60 Days ReJuvenate - 72 meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner (for 24 days)

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